Engine & Transmission Services

Engine Rebuilding

Whether Engine Rebuilds and upgrades for better performance and improved reliability on air-cooled or water-cooled engines all are done in-house at Potzinger Rewerks.

We offer testing procedures such as Compression testing, leak-down testing and borescoping.

We offer a variety of options depending on customer need, including

  • Full engine rebuilds, top-end rebuilds
  • Balanced and blueprinted factory or upgraded engine
  • Internal parts, reassembled to OE or better specifications with improved hardware and other key items for improved reliability and durability.
  • Cam chain tensioner upgrades.
  • Oil sampling and spectrometric analysis

Transmission Rebuilding

Peter and his expert technicians will carefully inspect, diagnose and repair or upgrade your Porsche transmission.

Early Porsches in particular can show signs of wear such as difficulty selecting a gear or a clutch slipping. It’s imperative to have your transmission expertly checked over. You may just need a slight adjustment and could well prevent unnecessary damage or future failure. A Properly Funcioning Transmission Can Be The Difference Between A Frustrating Or A Very Rewarding Driving Experience.

Transmission Services Include:  
  • Diagnose Transmission Issues
  • Clutch And Flywheel Replacement
  • High Performance Upgrades Offered To Lightweight Or Sport/Racing Clutch
  • Gearbox Diagnostics And Full Rebuilds
  • Proper Gear Lube, Refurbished Linkages,
  • Upgraded RS-Based Clutch Kits, Reduced-Throw Shift Levers And Solid Mounts Are All Options To Improve Your Porsche.

Engine Tuning, Analysis & Performance Modifications

Expert Carburetor & Fuel Injector Service &  Tuning

On older Porsches we have the experience and know-how to service, tune maintain and rebuild 911, 912, 914 and 356 models with Weber, Solex or Zenith, twin and triple-choke carburetors. 

Additionally we are experts in Bosch CIS mechanical fuel injected 911 and 930 / 964 turbo models, as well as Bosch Motronic systems used on Carrera 3.2, 964 and 993 air-cooled car.

Performance Exhaust 

IMS Bearing Upgrades:

If you own a Porsche, you have probably heard the term “IMS Bearing Failure.” IMS stands for Intermediate Shaft (Bearing) which supports the intermediate shaft on the flywheel side of the motor. They work to drive the camshafts indirectly off the crankshaft and by using this intermediate shaft, it reduces the speeds of the chains and prolongs their life.

The IMS bearing has become a standard build for Porsche’s horizontally-opposed flat 6 engine.

       What Models are prone to failure?
  • Any 986 Boxster models.
  • 987 Cayman & Boxster models up to engine number 61504715
  • Any 996 models (except for GT and Turbo models)
  • 997 3.6ltr with M96/05 up to engine number 6950745
Exhaust Performance Upgrades

For more power and better sound on your Porsche, an upgraded exhaust is highly recommended. We offer a variety of performance exhaust systems including Fabspeed and Soul Performance Exhaust and intake upgrades.