Pre-Purchase Porsche Inspection

We provide an honest assessment and information about the vehicle which allows you the buyer or seller to make a decision purely objectively. Our inspections are assessments undertaken personally by me and cover a complete technical overview of all key components of the car. We also check authenticity, period-correct equipment, quality of the build including all previous maintenance

Peter Potzinger

Pre-Purchase Assessment Deliverables

Detailed PPI report provided with findings including  recommendations of immediate and short term repairs, current maintenance performed as well as deferred maintenance observed.

Extensive pictures will be provided detailing every section of the vehicle reviewed and immediately provided to our customer via cloud storage service.

Driving Assessment

Comprehensive road test includes but not limited to engine & gearbox responsiveness, steering and brake performance, suspension condition, including identification of  external vibrations or internal cabin rattles at operating speeds.

Engine & Transmission Assessment

Chassis & Suspension

  • Visual Inspection of engine & transmission components. 
  • Visual inspection and notation of fluid levels & leaks if present.
  • Observe  & note rear exhaust pipe emissions (hot & cold) 
  • Observe & note odors while engine running
  • All drive-line components including steering, & suspension components (shocks.  struts, ball joints, steering rack,  wheel bearings
  • Braking components (pad wear, rotors, drums,  brake line condition)
  • Inspect and document wheel and tire condition regarding tread, dry rot, cracks, scratches and scuffs

Underbody Structural Examination

VIN Analysis Service Record History

  • Provide assessment of any prior crash damage & structural work if found
  • Inspect and document condition of entire exhaust system 
  • Visual inspect vehicle frame and component mounts (motor mounts, tranny mounts etc)  around vehicle. 
  • Review service and maintenance history documentation
  • Check VIN on car body and if applicable confirm major components match factory VIN
  • Check for spare tire, toolkit, tire inflator (where applicable), car manual, upgraded equipment manuals. 

Interior Assessment

Exterior Assessment

  • Inspect dashboard and headliner condition
  • Check lights, wipers, windows, hazards, ventilation, gauges, and operation of all other electrical items
  • Check interior–including upholstery, mats, headliner, and seat belts
  • Confirm seat operation adjustment functioning (including heaters if applicable) 
  • Previous flood damage
  • Observe and note any abnormal odors present 
  • Inspect all doors and trunk operation
  • Inspect and document condition of body and paint
  • Note presence of scratches, cracks, dents, or rust
  • Inspect and document any prior accident damage
  • Inspect underbody for any signs of rust or structural damage
  • Inspect glass & condition of weather stripping around the vehicle and note any cracks, chips including  if glass if original from the factory 
  • Previous accident damage.