Getting Ready For That First Spring Drive

Spring is an exciting time. Like a little kid you just can’t wait to lift your car cover and fire up the Porsche. Pulling her out of the garage you look forward to that first spring drive. But before your enthusiasm gets the best of you there are a few things that need to be done before heading out for a ride to the nearest coastline.

Visual Inspection

Walk around the car and see if anything catches your eye. Glance at the tires, check the lights, the glass and look for any lens cracks. Check beneath the car looking for fluid leaks. In the rear check and make sure there isn’t any blockage build up around the tailpipe area.


Inspect all four tires, check for signs of cracks or dry rot then check the pressure and fill up to spec if needed. Ensure pattern wear is even inside and outside on all four tires. If there is feather edging this may be a sign the car requires a wheel alignment. Be sure to look for any cracks on the sidewalls or treads and keep a lookout for flat spots. Most flat spots can be driven out over time.

Engine Bay

After checking for leaks underneath, open the hood and check oil, coolant, power steering, windshield washer and brake fluid levels. Top off as needed. Inspect all hoses for leaking, cracking and or any lose connections. Check the battery terminals for corrosion. Inspect all radiator hoses for any signs of leakage. Change engine oil and brake fluid if car has been sitting for over 12 months.

Fire It Up

Once you start your Porsche pump your brakes a few times just to actuate the calipers/drums and lines in-case they became a little tight during storage. Have someone stand outside the car and test hazards, brake lights, headlights, taillights, directionals and confirm functionality. Also check for any dash lights that may have burned out

Take it for a short drive: Pull out of your garage and take your Porsche for a 15-minute drive around your neighborhood. Slowly allow the car to come up to temperature. Turn on the air conditioner and check its performance.

Back at the house

When you return to your garage do another walk around the car and make sure you get down under and check for leaks. Now that the car has warmed up there may be signs of a leaking gasket somewhere that may have started to fail during the winter months. If no leaks your almost ready for the road.

The Glove Box

And finally, before you embark on your long drive check and make sure you have the wheel lock in your glove box. Going on a trip and getting a flat tire only to find out the service werkshop can’t remove your tire will surely ruin your day. Another couple of items to have stashed away in an emergency are some spare fuses and a spare DME/Fuel pump relay.

Now go out and enjoy your Porsche 🙂